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  • What is Skype for Mac?

    Skype is a mobile and desktop application that allows users to make voice and video calls to other users across the world using their internet connection. Unlike traditional phone calls, Skype operates without landlines and is free to use. It also allows for video calling and real-time interaction with others.

  • Is Skype free?

    for the most part, Skype is free to download and use. Users must create an account which will effectively act as their phone number. From here, they can make and receive calls. Some calls require credits, at which point you can purchase them in-app.

  • Is Skype safe?

    Skype is safe to download and use for most users. Though the software does not contain any harmful or intrusive viruses or malware, it may pose a risk due to its use of your microphone and camera. For younger users, this technology may not be appropriate and it's suggested that only adults and those over the age of 18 use it.

  • How do I install Skype?

    Skype can be downloaded from the official Skype website or from your respective app store, whether for phone or desktop computer. Once downloaded, the software can be installed on your computer. For mobile devices, the app will be ready to use immediately

  • Does Skype work on both mobile and desktop?

    Skype works on both mobile devices and desktop or laptop computers. For registered Skype users, the same login can be used to access the service on either type of device.

  • What platforms is Skype available on?

    Skype is available on most smartphones and computers. These include iOS devices, such as iPhone and iPad, Android devices, Windows phone and more. For desktops, both Windows and Mac versions are available for download.

  • What hardware do I need to use Skype?

    For mobile users, all the hardware that you need is included in the phone. Users can use either the rear or front-facing camera and the internal microphone to speak to friends and family. For laptop users, most devices will already include a webcam and microphone. In the case of desktop computers, users may need to purchase a webcam or external microphone in order to use all Skype features.

  • Is Skype better than Facetime?

    It is difficult to determine whether Skype or Facetime is the better voice and video call application. The benefits of Skype include its universality and its ability to be used across multiple different devices, regardless of brand or make. Facetime, while useful for Apple users, is really only limited to that user base and Facetime calls can’t be made to Android devices, for example.

  • Can I make group calls with Skype?

    Yes, Skype allows for both audio and video group calling.

  • What permissions does Skype require?

    For mobile users, Skype will ask for permission to access your camera, microphone and push notifications. The camera and microphone are used to make calls, while push notifications are used to provide alerts and notify users when they’re receiving a call on their device.